Wednesday, September 3, 2014

End of summer fun

Over the Labor Day weekend, Jonah spent Sunday night with us. Just him. He was so excited and truth be told it was because he was going to get to watch his favorite tv shows as much as he wanted. Both of the older boys love the show Octonauts. It is really pretty educational on the subject of ocean creatures. We are going to look for a lot of them when we go to the beach. After watching a bazillion episodes, we went outside to wash the beach toys we are taking with us on our trip. We got the dawn dish soap, a bucket, the water sprayer and the toys. We got them all washed and in the bag I got to take them with us and then Jonah wanted to "wash" some of his toys and his wheelbarrow. I put a little dish soap in the wheelbarrow, gave him the water sprayer and away he went. He said it was "under flowing". Then he asked to put just a little more soap in the water. His little bit and mine are just a little different as he proceeded to squirt a lot of soap in the water. Here is what we got.
The next night, Noah decided he wanted to spend the night with us by himself. Jonah had told him how many Octonauts we had watched and that really sounded great to Noah. So he came, we again watched Octonauts and then Noah said he was hungry and what are we having for dinner. I told him whatever he wanted to have and he said why don't we go to Mazzio's and eat. That is one of his favorite places. So Papa, Noah and I went to eat. And of course, Papa and Noah had to go to the Dollar General, their store, and get some cookie mix and ice cream. They love to make those cookies. Noah got a personal size ice cream and an entire bottle of sprinkles.
We ate cookies, Noah ate his sprinkle flavored ice cream, we went to bed and watched more Octonauts, and before I knew it, Noah was sound asleep. I love these boys. Next up will be time spent with just Isaiah. Can't wait.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My baby girl

I know if she reads this she will probably just sigh and shake her head but that's what you get for being the baby of the family. My baby girl had a birthday this weekend. Both of my girls have summer birthdays just a month apart. They are the oldest and the youngest with the two ornery boys in between. This weekend though, one of Jess's youth girls' parents hosted a surprise birthday party for her at their house. So sweet of them. Even though Jess is no longer the youth pastor, she is the director of student ministries and still loves to be around those teenagers.
 They even had the perfect birthday "cake" for her.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

School and other things

It's that time again.........the first day of school. Not for my kids but my grandsons, two of them. First day of kindergarten and first day of pre-k. It sure doesn't take them long to grow up. I think these "first day" pictures are so great and I sure wish we had thought of them when my kids were small.
 A year sure makes a difference at this age. Noah really looks a lot older.
 Both boys on first day of Mrs. Baker's Learn and Play school a year apart. Great little pre-school. All four of mine attended her class.
Gotta have some Ninja Turtles!

 Isaiah's very own book case and favorite character "Hot Dog" aka Mickey Mouse.
 Jonah and his monkey that really goes on his back but this way he can love on him. I think he has seen his mom "wear" Isaiah like this when he was much younger and smaller.
 All three boys have played with this little tea pot. It is really looking like it too.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Moving day pictures

And that's not all folks!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Moving Day!

Well, after about 14 months, J&K and family are moving from our house to their new home on the Brown Farm. They are the first ones to move out there and hopefully, Jess will be next and then the hubs and me. I am going to miss them so much; the good morning hugs, the after work greeting hugs, the night time hugs. I get lots of hugs and kisses.....Uh, from the grandsons of course. Our home is the only home Isaiah has ever known since he was born only a couple of weeks after they moved in. On the other hand, I am so happy for them to have been able to build their "forever" home. It is gorgeous.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mud pies! Yum

Jonah loves making mud pies. Jonah loves playing in the dirt, digging in the dirt.....just about anything to do with dirt. And why not? His dad digs in the dirt for a living. Jamie works construction and does "dirt work". So I would think it would just be a natural thing for at least one of his boys to love dirt and Jonah definitely does. So like the loving and caring Nana that I am (just saying)and being that his birthday was coming up, I figured he would love a mud-pie making station (not kitchen). I looked at toy stores galore and even the Little Tykes website and couldn't find anything that was available. So I turned to his creative Aunt Jenny and said, "Hey, could you build one for me?" Of course, she said and build away she went. It couldn't have turned out better.

It's not quite finished here but when she brought it home for his birthday it was. Both boys have had quite the time with it "cooking" all kinds of pies. His dad, of course, even got in the baking.
He had made mud cupcakes, mud turtles,
mud pies and completely covered his mud pie station with mud as well as himself. Doesn't bother him a bit.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My view

Everyone is always posting pictures of their "view" from somewhere so I thought I would post one of my all-time very favorite views. This is the view from my kitchen.......
They will be moving out soon and I am so going to miss this.